Men's Journal article November 1998
Contributors: Jenny Comita (food, exhibition, magazine, tepee), Jeff Csatari (shoe), David Hochman (range), and Corey Seymour (bartender)

The Tepee
A Tepee from White Buffalo Lodges has it all over a tent, especially when temperatures turn cooler - it's sturdier (constructed of weather-proofed sailcloth, leather, and lodgepole pine) and can actually accommodate a campfire (flaps let smoke escape through the top of the structure), while the largest size comfortably sleeps eight. Four models are available, each in the style of a different Montana tribe - Sioux, Crow, Cheyenne, or Blackfeet. You can take the smaller tepees camping; the bigger ones are best left in the backyard where they can function as a guest rooms or play houses. Tepees run from 9 feet in diameter to 24 feet and from $465 to $2,073. Call (406) 238-9796.

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